1000 Years of Isolation.

Welcome to Yantar

After a thousand years of no word from beyond the shores of Yantar, a ship crashed into the waterfront of the capital city. The crash was apparently caused because the slaves on board the ship managed to break out of confinement and distract the crew long enough to beach the boat.

The odd part about the boat is that it sails across the acid sea with no visible damage. The wood itself can be cut or broken as normal, but is impervious to all magical damage. About 150 feet in length, the boat would be classified as a Sloop or small Corvette.

After dispatching the crew of slavers the heroes were summoned to the castle to have an audience with King Tiberius the IV. He and his soothsayer/fortune teller Iorweth explained that the existence of the so called “Black Ships” has been known for approximately 60 years. The ships strike at night and abduct a few people from remote villages, and then disappear for a few months.

Around 7 months ago the prince Cornelius agreed to try and infiltrate one of the ships, allowing himself to be captured. For a time his updates came regularly, but about 5 weeks after his capture all his communication stopped. The king and Iorweth have asked the help of the heroes to determine the fate of the missing prince, and to find out what the slaving ships are doing. Iorweth also handed out a few gifts to help the heroes with their quest, although they don’t appear like much at the moment. A bottle of what appears to be blood, an old shovel with a face painted on the blade, an old pendant marked with a strange rune, and a very nice bottle of old wine.

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